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Sad WhatsApp Status Video Download

When your heart is broken or you are in bad situation, sad WhatsApp status videos can make you feel little better. Share your sad feelings with your friends or relatives with sad WhatsApp status videos. Sad WhatsApp status videos show your sad emotions to your contacts. Such videos also serve as a better alternative when compared to words to let world know how you feel about them.

How to Download and Share Sad Status Video

You can visit to download sad WhatsApp status videos. Here you will get the best collection of sad status videos which can express your feelings better. Just select the video which suits your situation, open the post and click on download button. These status video can be shared also on other social media platform like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Why to Download Sad WhatsApp Status Video

1. When you had breakup, nobody can share your feelings. Sad status videos are the best option to show your feelings to your partner. By seeing your sad status may be she/he can feel your pain and come back to you.

2. When you failed in exam or competition and there is no one to share your feelings. Sad WhatsApp status video can help you to reduce your stress or pain.

3. When you are missing someone and he/she is not available to take your call or message. You can download the sad status video from here and share on your WhatsApp status to show him/her how you are feeling without him/her.

Alternative of Sad Status Video

To reduce your bad or depressed feelings you can download funny status video or motivational status video instead of sad status video. Funny videos will make you laugh and help to forget about your situation. Motivational status videos will encourage you to fight against your situation and give you a positive energy.

So it depends on you how to you feel better, with sad status videos or funny and motivation video. For WhatsApp status quotes, you can visit our another website that is dedicated all types of quotes statuses.