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The festival of 5 days becomes with enormous funfair and happiness. Diwali is celebrated on the day of New Moon every year. Since, it is believed that the valley takes us from darkness to light, the festival our eyes after departure of Amavasya. The celebration of Diwali is concluded with Bhai Dooj and Govardhan puja.
People collectively gather to enjoy firework in the colonies and apartments. There are full-fledged factories and companies who manufacture Diwali crackers and firework commodities. Every year, you would see special markets being set up for that matter. Customized crackers make things all the most graceful.

Reason Behind Celebrating Diwali

Diwali festival is Deep and comes up with so many meanings behind it. The festival is also known as the Mallika according to the famous Sanskrit poet. It is said that the rituals of cleaning home and decorating the light used to prevail in 19th century as well. Even after hundreds of years back, the festival used to hold the same significance.
People used to celebrate the memory of Lord Rama and Sita were return. Others used to recall the memories of Pandava by the collecting their stories.

Diwali Celebration has no Boundary

Diwali is not only celebrated in India but also our nation. The Hindu festival mark The Identity of South Asian Hindus. You can easily witness different countries celebrating Diwali by organizing live concerts and decorating the temples over there. The soul illuminating festival is known to bring happiness to everybody.

5 Days Diwali Celebration

The beginning of the festival is called Dhanteras in which people purchase silver and gold utensils. It is believed that purchasing goods on Dhanteras would bring more prosperity to your home. People also forward happy Diwali wishes greeting cards in form of hard papers and SMS.
The five day festival is awaited by different people for different reasons. On the main day of Diwali, people celebrate the festival by playing cards and creating good memories. The celebration of body Diwali comes up with worshipping of Goddess Lakshmi on the fourth day of Diwali is known as Govardhan puja which almost put an end to the festival.

Some Amazing WhatsApp Status for Happy Diwali

There are hundreds of people who want to forward best Diwali wishes to their family and friends. However, it becomes slightly difficult to create relevant wishes formal and informal relatives. Therefore, the best is to pick up something from our best collection of Happy Diwali WhatsApp Status Videos or Quotes and feel stress free.

  • The earthen lamps of Diwali brings of better health and good luck. I pray that you celebrate the occasion with the illumination of crackers and BS. Made the choice festival gives you blessings by rewarding you for all the hard work you’ve done So far.
  • I pray that this Diwali and light inside the mind of people and keeps bad thoughts away whatsoever happens. I pray that you never get received by the devil and the force of goodness always keeps you in the correct path. Shubh Deepawali
  • As you walk towards the path of life, Diwali comes after dancing happiness that embraces you eternally. Keep struggling to find the correct Sunshine which takes you towards success.
  • Allow the shine of gleaming Diya to become a part of your soul and fill it with more peace and wisdom.
  • Enjoy, Sing, spread joy and dance because its Diwali after all and you just have a single occasion when Indians get so busy in decorating their homes and surroundings. Welcoming the precious festival of the Year, happy Diwali to all
  • I pray that sparkling the as well up your life with more prosperity and love. May the divine power gives you endless blessings, joy and happiness.
  • I pray that Lord Ganesha and goddess Mahalakshmi give you lots of love and happiness on this beautiful location of Diwali. I pray that you get ample of joy so as to achieve whatever you desire. Happy Diwali
  • The spirit of Diwali has lots of happy moments associated with it. Let it all enter your home and welcome it with happy aura. Allow this Diwali to touch your soul and heart.