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Gujarati WhatsApp Status Video Download

WhatsApp lets you share all types of videos as your status. You can convey what you think and what you are feeling through your unique status message. But isn’t it fun to have a status in your native language?

Though a majority of people turn to English and Hindi WhatsApp status videos, nothing can beat the charm of being connected to your roots. Now, you can easily update Gujarati status video download on WhatsApp with the click of a button. Gujrati songs, film scenes, and other videos are immensely popular. You can conveniently download them on your mobile and share it with everyone in your contact list.

Gujrati Songs as your WhatsApp Status

Gujrati movie songs are quite entertaining and some hit scores have even earned national and international fame. You can choose songs depending on the theme or the occasion. For instance, if it’s Valentine’s Day, then you can share a romantic song. Saybo Maro Gulb No Chod, Mann Melo, Radha Ne Shyam Mali Jashe, Preet, Satrangi Re and other popular scores would make the perfect Gujarati WhatsApp status video download.

Share popular songs of Sanjay Oza, Geeta Rabari, Parth Chaudhary, Kinjal Dave, Sachin and Jigar on your WhatsApp status to let people get a taste of the richness of Gujrati culture, cinema and talent.

Sharing Joy During Festivities With Gujarati Status Video

Gujarat is a land of festivities. The state has rich traditions and the people love celebrating every occasion. Navratri is the most popular festival in the state and nothing can beat the way Gujratis celebrate the nine days of the celebration. The trend has picked up and is followed gleefully in various parts of our country.
There is Dandiya, good food, and lots of fun apart from the celebration during Navratri festivities. Download Gujrati WhatsApp status of famous Dandiya dances to share the excitement with the people that you know.
There are great options available when it comes to Gujarati status video download. You can share Garba status or videos depicting the power of Durga Devi. Share love in your local language and entertain everyone in your contact list. There is no dearth of options when it comes to choosing Gujrati WhatsApp status video download.

Apart from festive celebrations, you can also share funny videos, attitude videos, emotional statuses, inspirational videos or just convey your emotions through quirky status videos. Download Gujrati status for WhatsApp to share how you feel, no matter what the occasion is. Most of these videos last for just 20 to 30 seconds and are ideal for attracting the attention of people in your contact list!