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Funny WhatsApp Status Video Download

If you are feeling bored and have nothing to do then funny videos are the best way to lighten your mood. Funny WhatsApp status video can reduce your stress and make your mood happy. These funny videos status can be memes, failing videos, mimicry etc.

Now you are possibly thinking about how to download and from where to download these funny status videos. So don’t think about it anymore, you are at best place to download funny WhatsApp status videos. Here you will have all types of funny videos like memes, mimicry, cartoons etc.

Why to Funny WhatsApp Status Video

Funny videos can be very useful in your daily life.

1. If you have nothing to do and want to be entertained then funny videos are the best option for timepass.

2. If you are feeling depressed, sad status video and funny videos reduce your stress and lighten your mood.

3. If you are tensed about something then funny WhatsApp status videos can help you to forget about tension.

4. Funny videos can make others happy by sharing on your WhatsApp status.

5. Funny videos make you laugh and laughing is the best exercise for mind.

How to Download Funny Status Video

You can download these funny WhatsApp status videos within 1 minute. Just follow the given steps

1. Browse the funny status video category

2. Play the videos online and choose your favorite one

3. Click the video title

4. Click the button “Download Status Video”

Video has been saved in your local drive. Now you can share it on your WhatsApp status.