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Chhath Puja WhatsApp Status Video Download

Chhath Puja is an Indian festival celebrated mainly in Bihar and UP east. People worship Chhath Mata on this day and keep fast. People also pray to the Sun, because the sun is the biggest source of energy. If this Chhath Puja you are far from home and missing the Chhath Puja celebration, then our Chhath Puja WhatsApp status videos are only for you. You can download these Chhath Puja special status videos from here and upload them to your WhatsApp status to wish yours owns.

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How Chhath Puja is Celebrated

On the first day of Chhath, the Parvaitins take only one meal during the day after the sunset. On the second day, the Parvaitins observed the fast throughout the whole day and eat bread only after the sunset when they are done with the Puja. Parvaitins go on a fast for the next 36 hours, without food and water. They open their fast on the fourth day after they offer prayers to the rising sun in the morning. Parvaitins along with their family members visit River Ganges before sunrise. With folded hands, they welcome the Sun, offering sandalwood, vermillion, rice, and fruits covered in saffron-colored cotton cloth. Chanting of the mantras and hymns are done continuously.


Chhath Puaj
Chhath Mata
Chhath Puja Status
Chhath Puja WhatsApp Status
Chhath Puja WhatsApp Status Video
Chhath Puja WhatsApp Status Video Download
Chhath Puja Status Video Download
Chhath Puja WhatsApp Status Download
Chhath Puja Video Status